Lean Six Sigma Training

Solve hard problems by enabling people.

Are you looking to expand your team's capabilities, learn new marketable skills, or discover new ways to do things smarter and better? Ceptara has the educational material you need. Our course curriculum focuses on teaching people how to drive excellence for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Whether it's through taking our established courses or designing a custom curriculum, Ceptara can enable you and your organization to work smarter, reduce waste and realize additional benefit.


Ceptara's training courses are built around three pillars:

  • Personal Excellence - enable the individual to create stronger teams
  • Team Excellence - teach people how to work together to achieve 1 + 1 = 3
  • Business Excellence - align and support the enterprise strategies and goals

For each pillar, we have courses that focus on a specific audience including leadership, management, experts, novices, and beginners. Our courses include topics such as, personal productivity, organizational facilitation, process management, Lean & Six Sigma techniques, industry standards compliance management, and more.


In the spirit of a consistent and standard employee development program, many organizations customize their training offerings to assure their development programs are aligned with the enterprise strategies. Ceptara has an extensive library of slides, training aids, and case studies that we can customize to meet your needs. Learn more and Request a FREE quote..