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Derrick is a twenty year veteran of marketing and business development with a passion to bring enjoyment back into the workplace. Having spent much of his time in the highly competitive and rapidly changing music industries, Derrick has become accustomed to ever changing landscapes in marketing and sales, he takes an informative and historical approach to adopting new technologies in marketing. He has worked in product development for some of the most innovative companies in the music industry, such as Euphonix, and also designed and operated multinational marketing campaigns for the likes of Behringer USA, where he was a liaison to the computer industry and artist relations manager. While at Billboard Magazine International Song Contest, he directed the companies operations helping bring systems in place to create profitability.

"Every facet of business development and marketing is fascinating to me, I love looking at the big picture and reducing it to the reproducible benchmarkable tasks that can be monitored to create success which allows a company to reach its targets," states Derrick, "I enjoy being a part a business reaching its goals, whether its bringing a new product or service to market, or implementing the perfect mix of marketing and advertising that adds needed revenue. But at the end of the day, I get my satisfaction from the relationships, they matter the most because they are the cornerstone of every great sustainable business. Behind every great company is a great person leading great people, which is a timeless value every customer appreciates."
His focus at Ceptara is helping clients unify their marketing, advertising and sales strategies, by creating systems which allow companies to properly manage these functions. His favorite approach to development is derived from business development guru, Michael Gerber, of E-Myth fame, a best selling book and philosophy on developing business and managing employees.

Learn more about Derrick by reading his blog, and visiting his LinkedIn profile.