Performance Management "Buy-In"

Q: How do you get an organization to "buy-in" to Performance Management and make it part of their day-to-day operations?

Advice: There is not one 'way' to do this, however, here's a number actions that you can take to drive managing by metrics into an organization:

  1. Sell at least one person – you need at least one executive that thinks measurement is important
  2. Show success thru example – once you have one person interested, put together a scorecard for them and then help them drive management by metrics
  3. Evangelize, evangelize, evangelize – talk about the work, show the results, brag about organizational alignment
  4. Expand – when at least one organization has shown success, other executives follow
  5. Build it in – incorporate into other processes, e.g. strategy planning, people performance appraisal, value adding processes (i.e. those processes that add direct value to what the end customer receives)

It doesn’t have to be in this order - but seems to flow nicely this way.