TWI - Job Instruction

Course Description
The Training Within Industry (TWI) service was created by the United States Department of War, running from 1940 to 1945 within the War Manpower Commission [1].  Its main purpose was to provide consulting services to industries that were critical to the ramp up of the war machine for World War II to assure there were enough trained and skilled personnel necessary to meet the demands of the war.   At the end of its 5 year service record, the TWI program has instructed over 1.6 million workers in 16,500 US plants.

TWI is a complementary program with Ceptara’s Lean Six Sigma courses, emphasizing the importance of Standard Work and providing tools and techniques for defining and assuring standard work is followed and effective.  The benefits of a disciplined approach to training and coaching in-experienced staff include reducing the opportunities for defects, improving process stability and predictability, reducing wear and tear on equipment, and improving the relationships with management and individual contributors.

This course is the one of three in the TWI program focused on preparing participants to instruct personnel in executing their assigned jobs effectively, as fast as possible.  The course includes; how to break down jobs into closely defined steps, and then through defined exercises, show an ‘in-experienced’ worker the procedure while explaining the key concepts and points, methods for coaching the worker as they perform the steps, and finally explain methods for assuring the newly trained worker can perform the job effectively on their own.  This course emphasizes the credo “If the worker hasn’t learned, the instructor hasn’t taught.”

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the importance of training in a production environment.
  2. Understand the Supervisor’s five needs.
  3. Learn and improve the participant’s ability to instruct.
  4. Learn how to break down a ‘job’ into steps
  5. Learn how to show, explain and coach job steps.

Knowledge areas covered

  • Training as a personal asset
  • Standard Work
  • Effective Instruction
  • Four basic steps in How to Instruct
  • Putting the four basic steps in action.

Supervisors and instructors interested in developing or enhancing their skills in training individuals in job execution.

Entrance requirements

Course cap: 12 participants

Required and Supplementary Student Materials
Student Workbook

$600.00 per student*
12.00 hrs
*Pricing may change depending on the number of students participating and the location of the class.