Team Excellence Workshop


This course enables the participant to better manage their workgroup by creating a team strategy, identifying and developing processes, creating and using metrics to manage the work, and embracing a continuous improvement program to close performance gaps.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to proactively plan and problem solve.  They will learn to consider the system to guide proactive planning, how to develop a strategy, build a measurable process, and be introduced to a number of continuous improvement strategies.

  • Identify the characteristics of a system.
  • Develop and deploy a team strategy.
  • Define a process and identify how the work implements the strategy.
  • Define a metric and understand how to instrument a process and create key performance indicators.
  • Identify performance issues and create continuous improvement actions to remedy performance gaps.

Knowledge Areas Covered

  • Systems Thinking
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Process Creation and Management
  • Metrics Creation and Management
  • Process Improvement Strategies
  • Problem Solving Workshop (A3 Improvement Approach)


Individuals and leaders interested in predictably achieving their desired goals.

Course Cap

18 participants

Required and Supplementary Student Materials

None - a Student Handbook will be provided. Look Inside!

Course Outline

Part One

  • Proactive Definition
  • Exercise: Planning a vacation
  • Systems thinking
  • Video: Theory of Constraints - bottleneck example
  • Developing a strategy
  • Exercise: Develop a team strategy
  • Process thinking
  • Homework: Continue team strategy, develop team's process architecture

Part Two

  • Metrics
  • Exercise: Develop one or two metrics (from the team strategy)
  • Continuous Improvement Approaches
  • A3 Continuous Improvement Method
  • Exercise: Brainstorming, Multi-voting, Ranking

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If you are an individual interested in this program, this course is offerred via open enrollment at Everett Community College and Cascadia College in Washington state.
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