Kaizen Event Template using Microsoft Outlook

This template provides a list of tasks to help plan and execute a Kaizen event using Ceptara's [Organizer] Outlook Add-in.  After downloading, 'Import the WBS' using the Project Explorer.

It provides a tree structure with tasks and sub-tasks focused on four main milestones:

  1. Prepare for the Event - the goal of the preparation step is to assure the effort is properly scoped focused and resourced to succeed.  It include activities such as, developing a problem statement, chartering the team and holding the kick-off meeting.
  2. Execute the Improvement - Phase I - this phase is focused on the team engagement gatherings with a goal of performing the as-is analysis, identifying causes and root causes, and formulating an improvement proposal.
  3. Execute the Improvement - Phase II - this phase is focused on achieving the immediate fixes and measuring the improvement progress (if any) for feedback into the Kaizen team and sponsoring management.
  4. Conclude the Event - the goal of the conclusion step is to move successful improvement efforts into the standard operations, provide the final report and disband the team.

The steps are imported as Outlook tasks.  Most tasks have specific direction and linked information to help educate the Kaizen manager.

Please [contact] us if you would like us to perform a kaizen event with your team and/or would like training on how to perform a Kaizen event.

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Kaizen Event Overview