July 2009 Newsletter

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Here's the latest news from the team at Ceptara, a company dedicated to helping organizations and individuals focus and achieve their goals.

Upcoming Events

  • October 14 - 15, 2009: WCBF's 4th Annual Lean, Six Sigma and Business Improvement Summit [Learn more and Register], Orlando, FL.  Ceptara will be participating and will have a booth at the summit.  Let us know if you're heading that way!

Breaking the Customer's Chains - Innovation & Customer Focus
Because customer focus has been a hallmark in the creation of a successful business, we often don't recognize and embrace disruptive technologies because we are [trapped] in our current system.  We are stuck and stifled by our own success.  At the PNAA Breakfast [Meeting], Ceptara delivered a 60 minute talk that discussed two critical methods of innovating new technologies while at the same time satisfying current customers.  [Download] the presentation material to learn how to better partner with your customer and to set yourself up to take advantage of disruptive technologies.

SMART Objectives - A Helpful Handout
SMART, a familiar mnemonic, so why is it so difficult to articulate our goals?  Get our helpful [handout] to identify your top organizational and/or project specific goals, put them in chronological order, and design a step by step plan to achieve them on-time.

What is "Lean IT"?
Lean principles, traditionally used by manufacturing companies to help improve the production process and provide value to the customer, are now being implemented in more service-oriented domains such as health care, financial services and even IT. Lean thinking allows them to eliminate waste and improve productivity. Yet Lean is not just about cost cutting and doing more with less. [Learn] more about how this continuous improvement methodology allows companies and organizations to create sustainable change that benefits the customer.

Organizer for Outlook 2007 - A project oriented Add-in for MS Outlook
Ceptara's Organizer for Outlook 2007 add-in was designed to help you achieve greater focus by building on the practices discussed in the Personal Excellence series [training].  The tool embraces many concepts first articulated in Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and David Allen's Getting Things Done.  [Learn] more about how to increase your everyday effectiveness by installing this FREE Add-in and reading [How to Get Started].

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Chris Lindstrom
Managing Partner

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