Personal Excellence Workshop - Seattle WA, 11/3/2011

Event Date: 
Thu, 11/03/2011 - 09:00 - 16:00
8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Too many e-mails?  Always in crisis management?

Join us to get yourself organized and focused on what matters most to you.  We'll spend our day discovering what drives us, creating a foundation for decision making.  We will create short and long term goals, put those goals into practice by defining projects with specific deliverables, and put into place your trusted management system to assure the everyday chaos doesn't overwhelm and detract from achieving what matters most to you.

What are you waiting for?  Invest in yourself and create that spark that will motivate you to achieve your dreams...

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction
    • Understanding your key objectives for the workshop
    • Introduction to the topics
  • Change Your Perspective
    • An inside out approach
    • Discovering your role in your personal growth
    • Articulating your Personal Mission Statement
  • My Goals as a Whole Person
    • Understand the pressure points
    • Clearly articulate goals in each life area
    • Put in place organized action to achieve your goals
  • Managing the Details
    • Establish a personal management execution model
    • Identify daily organizational techniques & tools
    • Our Outlook Add-in is included in the price of the workshop
  • Recap
    • Review of the topics
    • Walk away execution plan
    • Additional resources

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"The methods you discussed can double my productivity, I'm not one to pass that up." - I/T Architect, Washington, USA

"...this course taught me the skills necessary in mastering the ability to accomplish tasks, e.g. always block time for planning and use the 5Ds for processing my inbox." - Human Resources Specialist, Washington, USA