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House of Quality

In 1988, the House of Quality (HOQ) was introduced to the United States in an article written by Don Clausing and John Hauser. Prior to their article, the HOQ had long been used in Japan as a technique for product development and was rarely used in the U.S. In less than 30 years, the HOQ has gone from obscurity to mainstream. Since Clausing and Hauser’s article, the HOQ has become a regularly used product development tool and is being taught as a foundational block in the Design for Six Sigma project management framework. Please see the attached pdf for my thoughts on QFD/HOQ.

FocusMe Feature - Tracking Action via E-mail

Email sucks at tracking action


We use email to help us get things accomplished.  However, it is widely accepted email is not the best mechanism for tracking action. The email method can lose information, cause confusion and missed expectations.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

Ceptara’s Green Belt (GB) Certification program is designed to create the continuous improvement knowledge foundation organizations desire to create a culture that is focused on doing things more effectively and efficiently.  The program builds important transferable skills and prepares participant who desire an American for Society Green Belt Certification.  The program is design to help any student regardless of previous training to be familiarized with the GB Body of Knowledge and through classroom interaction and project focused study be able to apply the GB principles and tac

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Organizer Add-In Tip: How to Turn an Email into a Task

Turning an Email into a Task

When an email enters your inbox and it requires an action you can easily categorize it, add it to your task list and get it out of your inbox. Simply right click on the email, find the Defer tab and click 'To Task'.

Smart Problem Definition and Measurement Prevents Stupid ‘AIC’s and Pains


The Six Sigma Black Belt approaches problems using disciplined problem solving methodologies. One such approach called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) focuses on reducing process variation and defects. Regardless of what approach is used, the problem Definition and Measurement phases are most critical to avoid foolish effort in Analysis, Improvement and Control resulting in much pain by fixing the wrong problem.

DMAIC Refresher

For those who are not familiar or need a refresher, here is a summary of the DMAIC process steps.

Using 5-Whys Will Make you Wiser

5 Whys Notebook


By following a structured and disciplined methodology you can achieve a deeper understanding of the root causes of any problem. The “5-Whys” Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) methodology was invented by the founder of Toyota, used in their manufacturing process, and continues as one of the tools in the modern lean methodologies tool kit.

Personal Excellence Workshop Brochure

High Performing Teams require High Performing People...  Build stronger, more effective people!  Here's How...

Ceptara's Personal Excellence Workshop ignites people's personal passion and provides a framework and method for them to achieve what matters most.

The workshop focuses on a three step process:

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Keep Your Eye on Your Business Triangle

Fire Triangle


We all learned in elementary general science class about the Fire Triangle.  A fire requires Heat, Oxygen and Fuel.  Without sufficient Heat or Oxygen a fire cannot start or continue to burn.  Without Fuel there is nothing to burn and the fire will extinguish itself.

Your business also requires certain elements to start and to continue.

Ceptara for Government Agencies

Ceptara helps government agencies find and implement creative solutions that control costs and improve the satisfaction of their citizens.  Download our [Brochure] to learn more. 

Would you like to better serve your citizens and non-resident stakeholders?

We help you create a consistent image and implement an "end to end" customer experience while helping you manage organizational change.

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Mill Creek Business Association September Meeting - What We Learned!

Running a business or organization is hard work.  It can sometimes seem like all we do is react to the next crisis and hope that we're making money and making a difference.

At the September Mill Creek Business Association (MCBA) meeting, we discussed the Five Steps to a Better Stronger Business.  We learned about a better way!  There's no magic wand that you wave, no silver bullet.  Running an organization takes passion, focus, diligence and faith.  And it takes a systematic approach in making sure that you're building a better stronger business.

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