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RACI+S Defined

Organizational models facilitate structured behavior and provide most of the structure necessary to deliver results. However, fast, flexible temporary teams are sometimes needed to accomplish cross-organizational objectives. In that case, organizational models break down and unless a new structure is employed, teams have a difficult time delivering quality results in an appropriate timeframe.

The RACI structure promotes efficient collaborations among cross functional teams by clarifying project-specific roles and responsibilities.

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ASQ Quality Professionals Career Day - POSTPONED until September

Join me May 9th for the ASQ Quality Professionals Career [Day]. I will be presenting Ceptara's Personal Excellence [methods] and [tool] to help folks manage their way to a new assignment. Additionally, along with Laura Gregg, we will be presenting an hour on starting a business as well. It promises to be a day of networking and seminars to enable folks re-invent themselves in the economic downturn.

AmCon 2009 Personal Excellence Talk


On April 15, 2009, we provided a 60 minute [class] on what it means to be Personally Excellent and how to start achieving it. We had a good turn out and I promised the attendees that I would update my blog with a few pointers we talked about in class.

Personal Excellence Introduction PowerPoint Presentation Apr 15, 2009

The PowerPoint presentation used at the AmCon show April 15, 2009.

An introductory session for the Personal Excellence [Workshop]. The class was given in two parts, a) described the basics of personal excellence and b) demonstrated how to do it using Microsoft Outlook and Ceptara's Organizer Add-in.

More information about this session can be found by reviewing the Personal Excellence Introduction [Course].

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Personal Excellence Workshop

High Performing People create High Performing Teams

  • Successful team efforts require individuals to be highly motivated and self managing
  • People can develop the necessary skills by focusing on their foundation, work organization, and action execution

The Personal Excellence workshop is targeted at individuals motivated in discovering better ways to achieve life balance and demonstrate excellence in every facet of their life, professional and personal.

View the [Brochure].

$299.00 per student*
8.00 hrs
*Pricing may change depending on the number of students participating and the location of the class. Discount pricing provided for groups greater than 15.

Schedule a class or Request more information

MS Outlook Organizational Tips & Tricks @ AmCon in Bellevue - Its Free!


[Join] me on April 15, 2009 @ 1:30p for 60 minutes focused on using MS Outlook to help you better focus on your goals and projects, and to more efficiently accomplish work. This is an introductory session that covers the topics we teach in our Personal Excellence [Workshop].

Reclaim Your Day | 7 Ways to Reduce Wasted Effort Using Lean



  • The Lean method of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) can be applied to personal productivity
  • Non Value Added (NVA) activities can be summarized and remembered using the mnemonic TIMWOOD
  • Remove NVA activities by reducing & processing your collection points, traveling in a straight line, using mobile technologies, being concise in what you deliver, remembering balance, and doing it right the first time.
  • Recognize your accountability for how you spend your day and then you can learn how to do it better.

How To Write A Problem Statement

Problem Statement Picture


  • A problem statement is a clear description of the issue(s), it includes a vision, issue statement, and method used to solve the problem.
  • The 5 'W's can be used to spark the discussion about the problem.
  • A problem statement expresses the words that will be used to keep the effort focused and it should represent a solveable problem.

Lean Six Sigma Will Not Save Your Business By Itself


  • DMAIC is great at structuring an improvement effort but misses on directing which area to improve
  • Smart organizations deliberately plan what to improve & foster the spirit of continous improvement
  • A prepared improvement initiative will achieve greater results faster.

Quality Excellence

Reduce costs and waste with a strong quality system.

Effective use of a quality system can help your business reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive execution and compliance. Ceptara provides deep knowledge of state-of-the-art quality methods and practices such as Lean Six Sigma, Baldrige, TQM, and re-engineering.

We are well versed in all the leading quality tools including Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri, MUDA, 5S, DMAIC, DFSS, QFD, TRIZ, Value Stream Mapping and many more.

Find out today how Ceptara can boost your performance with a free 60-minute consultation.

Examples of our work

  • Reduced a wireless carrier's COGS by more than 50% by re-engineering the service activation function
  • Facilitated ISO registration for computer manufacturing, semiconductor testing, wireless services, and telecom equipment manufacturing businesses
  • Assessed and improved an existing network quality program for a wireless carrier improving network availability from 95% to 99.9% in 8 weeks.
  • Reduced SLA penalty exposure for a telecom data services provider by $2M annually
Ceptara Quality Excellence Services
  • ISO Registration Preparation & Compliance Coaching
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Quality System Integration
  • Quality System Assessment and Planning
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Facilitation, Leadership & Training
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Process Management - Assessment, Modeling, Simulation, Improvement and Training
  • Cultural and Organizational Change Analysis, Design & Alignment
Contact us today for a free 60-minute consultation.

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